Celebration of Life / Thanksgiving

Cremation is chosen by over 70% of the population. The service which accompanies a cremation is often referred to as a Celebration of Life or Thanksgiving, and Diana’s ceremonies are personal, positive, uplifting and embrace each member of the family.

Family and friends are encouraged to write or give their own Eulogy, or take part in a reading. Moments Of Reflection, sometimes listening to a favourite piece of music, are invariably included at the request of the family and these provide opportunities for silent gratitude, silent prayers, and recalling private memories.

While burials have a sense of finality once the coffin is lowered into the ground, cremated remains can be returned to the family, albeit in a different form. Some families choose to keep a casket of ashes at home, but many choose to inter ashes either within a Woodland Burial Ground or a family grave. The scattering of ashes is declining in popularity due to environmental consequences, and the fact that families, once a favourite spot has been chosen and agreed upon, often have to carry out the scattering secretly or at unsociable times of the day, so as not to have this very private moment observed by curious onlookers.